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Say goodbye to limitations and hidden fees. Slash allows you to pay for purchases in installments, freeing up your budget and giving you financial flexibility. Unlike credit cards, Slash doesn't charge hidden fees or interest. Join the payment revolution with Slash and experience a better way to pay.

Hey~ Gen-Z & Millennial

Thanks to the internet. Gen Z and Millennials are used to a fast pace world. Everything can be accessed quickly and easily, making them more aware of things around them, including their financial situation. This is the target group that Slash wants to reach. So, we use our photography styles to make these pictures our strongest recall with four conditions for the photography style: Lifestyle, Product, Studio, and Outdoor to achieve boldness and edgy style throughout the website.

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Slash is a smarter way to pay in 3x. Shopping anywhere and paying at your own pace without any fees or interest. Chance never comes 2x, That’s way pay in 3x.


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