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v-Look is an AI-integrated app that alerts hot topics which are happening right now. v-Look was designed to improve the way how people discover new information. Informations can be grouped into an ‘Alert‘ which you can follow, add or customize.

Stay Alerting

The alert screen contains the live search feature and your favorite alerts. And detail screen shows you the overall number of the 4 types of Alert and lists all the articles that fit in your group of interest.

Live Search

Discover hot news globally & be the first to know right after it just happened!!!

Profile & Subscription Plan

The profile shows all the cool, additional features & v-Look provides 3 amazing different plans with unique features for each one.

AI Training

v-Look integrated AI Technology to help users find new and outstanding articles that fit their interests. However, for the AI to make the right decision, you will have to train your personal AI frequently.

Token & Exchange

The token was created to help user purchase subscription plans and participate in other activities that require it or you can also receive new tokens through our rewards program. Exchange money to token and start spending in the app or vice versa to withdraw money to your bank account.


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